Sanctions fascination and war infatuation

Sanctions fascination and war infatuation

Reza Alavi

Scenario sanctions

Nasser al-Din Shah and Amin Alsoltan, received a six million pound bribe to give up “The Tobacco Authorities” to Rzhy Corporation and Mr. Talbot. Therefore, people befell in resentment when they learned about it. In traditional society, in 1307 Lunar, the only method of resistance against the unjust contract were peaceful and nonviolent actions which included an embargo against the usage of tobacco for society. Consequently, their goal succeeded.
95 years ago in 1914, in modern society in Europe, the first boycott occurred in the contemporary era: the annoyed British government boycotted Germany politically and economically. Since then, the world has been involved in 240 sanctions up to now.
From 1970 until 2000 about 110 sanctions (within 30 years, half of the sanctions have been in the last century) occurred. Most (about 73 sanctions) of them launched by America, while all European countries only instigated a total of 28 sanctions. Among all of the last century sanctions, 3 cases were set on war which mostly failed, leaving mainly the ordinary people vulnerable. Sanctions in Iraq, despite the ultimate overthrow of Saddam’s government, increased the number of children who died of hunger 4 times. During the Afghanistan boycott, the apportion of people included a piece of hand sized bread a day, and Mola Omar regulated living arrangements in caves.
Review sanctions in the last century; researchers believe that banned governments have earned more acceptances and were allowed to draw more dictatorship on people; they destroy any manner of establishment of democracy and freedom with counterfeit rationale. On the other hand, in the boycott situations, the nationalistic feelings of people are stimulated by sanctions against the country and it leads them to stand up against the sanction imposer   and the main enemy (the dictatorship) is being marginalized and even the opposite part of society against dictatorship governments is to support.
Other researchers believed that: to impose sanctions for dictator and persecute governments make them to apply more dictatorship to society and to intimidate and terrorize more out of people. While Democratic and semi-democratic countries against economic sanctions are fragile and can quickly retreat, in autocratic countries the main group who would suffer of sanction are middle class and labor groups and layers of society, they would struggle economically, and have to face crisis that boycott  caused in their lives, not their governments.

Sanctions and the Islamic government

the first Foreign Minister of Islamic government, was a Dr. Karim Sanjabi. According to his knowledge that he had learned from Dr. Mossadegh, in the complicated relations of the world of diplomacy, he was trying wisely to make the best of Iran’s policies with the world to take the country forward, but even Bazargan administration, and Ebrahim Yazdi, couldn’t tolerate him, and in a few months he gave up his Ministry position in the government. After him, Ebrahim Yazdi, Sadegh GhotbZadeh, Mir Hossein Mousavi, Akbar Velayati and … And finally the genius of the centry!!! Manouchehr Mottaki, filled the Foreign Ministry position and revolutionize the Foreign Ministry to the center of absolute dictatorship, and despotism, to a place where diplomacy was not discourse. During last thirty years, after Islamic Regime in Iran occupied American Embassy and hostage American diplomats, always our homeland has been under a variety of sanctions and sanctions have been on the shoulders of all people, especially low-middle class. The sanctions would most benefit the Islamic government, for its solidity and durability. Islamic Regime employed the sanctions, and war between Iraq and Iran, and the possibility of attacking America to Iran, to broach populist justification for killing political prisoner and liberals ( in decade of 1980) and they allowed themselves, later to form “ The National Tragedy” which is known as “ chain of murdering”. I emphasize that boycott is a way of Islamic Regime to justify their crimes toward people; however, the main phenomenon of fascism and the actions of the government in power is the Islamic ideology!
Islamic government, innocently! justifies all the economic crisis and insufficiency of statesmen with boycott and the explanation of all objections in the country is sanction! In the other word, the government covers up all their disorders with the excuse of sanctions.

Considering the theme of the Islamic fascist regime, sanctions make the regime of Tehran to be more terrorist, radical, and fanatic. In all speeches and guidelines, both Leaders in Tehran have provided in last 30 years, named several hypothetical enemy.
The Military – Security Ahmadinejad Government, the first 3 years was able to make the obvious enemy of America and Israel as the main pressure of sanctions, and they formed their leadership of battle of anti-imperialist, although after the recent coup in last June, they couldn’t cover up their reality and no matter how hard they tried to deceive people, but their barbarism had been demonstrated, and now the young people in the region are enlightened of   demagogical slogans of the Regime.

Who really have gotten hurt by boycott? People. In other words, those who were against the regime’s radicalisms and terrorists got hurt of boycott, is there merit to punish people? Are people deserved to suffer? And who were exploiting the sanctions? The Islamic regime of Iran. And who were ridiculed? Imposer boycott, especially American government.
So what should we do? And how should the world stand up against the challenge of dictatorship?

Intelligent sanctions

80 percent of Islamic Government revenues is from oil sales.
80 percent of China’s oil needs are provided from Iran.
International sanctions must be placed for Iranian oil, and the buyer of Iranian oil should be extremely punished

Politically and financially.
the UN and groups 20 countries  Should boycott the Iranian government, and don’t recognized the coup government as an official government among the International Community, as what the International Community had done to the Taliban government

Interests of the Islamic government in Tehran and the Iranian people’s interests are in the opposite directions. Immoral sanctions in 30 years by the world, threatens the interests of the people and made the Islamic regime more aggressive. 95 years documented experience shows that unintelligent sanctions turn the bloodthirsty dictator governments to more cruelty, and brutality.
Islamic government knows the war and sanctions as a blessing of God, and they are devoted to America and the world’s credulity. War and boycotts facilitate Islamic Regime to survive and last longer.
General economic sanctions should be dismantled and replaced by the option representative pressure the UN Human Rights High Commissioner in Iran may be used. Boycott gasoline by America is unintelligent policy, because the pressure is applied toward innocent people.
Now that Mr. Obama has acquired Nobel Peace Prize, he can use this circumstance to apply boycott and sanctions toward the coup government’s political and send Iran human rights groups, to not only discredit Islamic Regime, and to decrease the pressure on Iranian people, but growth opportunities and promote national and secular democratic movement in Iran to provide, and ultimately the collapse of Taliban supreme leader who leads military – security system of the government.
Ideologists and theorists are based on this illusion of ideals that “The Agency” has the power of responding to the demand of millions of Iranians to answer with a surprise attack to the pretext discovered second base and trap the regime in Tehran to fell and eyes will be filled with hope of witnessing the victory of people against authoritarianism. Without a doubt, this is just a dream, the laws and rules of international agencies in a field of   power are limited.
Reality proves us that we should support intelligent and smart sanctions.

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